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Raasz Melodic

Beatbanga77, aka: Producer Raasz Melodic of small working class suburb, Willingboro NJ has been at it honing his craft for well over 20 years.

Able to quickly learn 1st how to sample on the MPC 60, making beats has been his main stay around way just trying to make a name for himself as a local beat maker. Moving on to an EMU EPS 16,  a MPC 2000 , and then  to Native Instruments Maschine.. MPC Reniasance was next tool of choice… Then came the MPC Live and finally the golden grail, going back to collect an MPC 3000.. The fact remains, the solid personal belief is.. “Its not the gear you use its how you flip it..” started out as a audio gear blog 15 years ago. Then BB77 had major success being transformed from an audio blog to a Hip Hop music magazine blog focusing on discovering and sharing music from mostly underground artists and a few majors staying away from the thick smog of so called entertainment gossip websites.

Change is good. After stepping a way from sharing music, and Raasz kept making beats while getting married growing his family it became time to focus on supporting his 1st love of music, by redesigning into THEE Illest music production brand coming out of JerZey PERIOD.

Its time to “RuNN Wittt It!!!! ”